There are several different ways to communicate with the Spoede Community. Following is a brief description of each communication tool. Prepare your information with these tools in mind. All items using SSA communication tools must directly relate to the Ladue School District, Spoede School or SSA committees, events or issues.

SSA Website

The website is the best place to post information and links for SSA initiatives of an on-going nature. If your activity uses Sign-Up Genius or any other online support service, the SSA website is a great place to be.


SSA Gazette

The Gazette is delivered to Spoede families via their personal email address and is produced on an as-needed basis — usually once every three weeks while school is in session. The Gazette is a revolving door of information. It's best used to prepare the Spoede community for upcoming events and activities, to solicit volunteers, to send periodic reminders of on-going initiatives and to recap recent events.


SSA Buzz

A Buzz is a small amount of information delivered to families via their personal email address. If the information you wish to share with the Spoede community is of a time-sensitive nature, the SSA Buzz is the right communication tool to use. 

Friday Folder

Using the Spoede Friday Folders to send your information home requires that paper be printed and placed in roughly 400 folders. Use of Friday Folders is reserved for information that requires something be returned to the Spoede School office. (Examples include school photo orders, ticket orders for the SSA Soiree fundraiser, yearbook orders, permission slips.)



PeachJar is mainly used to share information in a flyer format. It's also great for organizations not directly related to the SSA or Spoede School, but of interest to the Spoede community.



Send your article, flyer, announcement, etc. by email to Jessica Bitting, SSA VP of Communications, for approval & distribution to the correct channel of communication. Please let us know which communication tool you would like to use. If you are uncertain, we will choose the tool(s) most appropriate for the timing and type of information being shared.

FYI: If you'd like your item to be placed in the Gazette (typically distributed on Thursdays), we ask that you make your submission no later than Monday. 



Contact Leslie Alexander & Abbey Small, SSA VP of Communications