The SSA is proud to bring the Math Fact Scholars program to Spoede School. The program focuses on timed testing and instilling the value of practicing just a little every day. This is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn math. The testing day atmosphere is much like a sporting event with cheering, medals and ceremonies.  
Registration is available at any time throughout the year.

Meet Glen: Spoede Student and MFS Success Story!

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Testing Days
The sessions run each Tuesday from 8:15-8:45am. (September 5th through May 15th.) Kindergarten testing is in the Spoede library. Testing for grades 1-4 is in the Spoede gym. When the session is over, students proceed directly to their classrooms to start the school day.
$25 per each medal level. $35 per each trophy level. Check are made payable to the SSA. Fees include your student workbooks with math strategies and practice tests, a weekly testing session and award ceremonies with medals and trophies for mastering each level. 

Moving to the Next Level
You may register for one level at a time or several levels at once. Following are the prepay options for multiple levels:

— Prepay $100 for Blue Ribbon Level & 3 Medal Levels-Bronze, Silver & Gold: Workbooks provided prior to advancement to next level. (Kindergarten only)

— Prepay $75 for all 3 Medal Levels-Bronze, Silver & Gold: Workbooks provided prior to advancement to next level.

— Prepay $140 for all 4 Trophy Levels-Platinum, Fractions, Decimals & Percents: Workbooks provided prior to advancement to next level. 

Scholars cannot move to the next level before payment is received.

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MFS is one of the few volunteer opportunities that is 100% educational and accessible to most of our working parents. We need 11 volunteers for each session. 

Student Drop-Off
Students should enter through the doors nearest to the gym.
If you are volunteering for MFS or walking your scholar to the gym, you will need to park on the upper black top. Never ever block the buses.


Contact Arpana Thapa & Minji Xu, MFS co-Chairs