We need 11 volunteers for each & every Tuesday session. 

Kindergarten Job
BLUE RIBBON HELPER:  fill out ribbons as needed (1)
Grades 1-4 Jobs
TEST GRADER:  grade kids tests (6)
TEST BOX MANAGER:  hand out next tests to children (1)
TEST FILER:  take finished tests and files alphabetically (1)
TEST TIMER:  time kids for 2-3 minutes of tests (1)
LINE MANAGER:  help kids stay in line and wait for next test session (1)
Behind the Scenes Jobs
Contact the MFS Chairs (via link found below) if this better fits your schedule
COPY MANAGER:  keep up on the test copies, check file boxes each week and make copies
TEST RECORD KEEPER:  pick up finished tests each Tuesday, file and write names on back of first tests for the next week
PENCIL MASTER:  keep pencil in stock and sharpened
MFS BULLETIN BOARD:  update and decorate bulletin board with medals and news
STUDY REMINDERS:  fill out study reminder forms with child’s names each week


Contact Arpana Thapa & Minji Xu, MFS Chairs