Why create a Scholarship Fund...

The SSA is here to build a community that works to improve and enhance the educational environment at Spoede School. While it’s true that every family must make choices about what extra-curricular  opportunities to provide to their children, the Spoede community, as a whole, does not reach it’s full potential when there are families that cannot afford to have their children participate in ANY extra-curricular opportunities.


The fund operates using the honor code...

This is a need-based scholarship fund. No personal financial information will be collected. If you are interested in applying for a SSA Scholarship to fund an extra-curricular program for your Spoede student, there are two ways to be considered:
1. Dr. Stallons, a school counselor or a teacher recommends your child. They complete the application on your behalf.


2. You obtain an application from the Spoede office, fill it out and submit it to Dr. Stallons to be considered.
Either way, the school will inform you if your application has been approved.

SSA Scholarship Fund Details


Contact Jill Crane, SSA Past-President