1.    The SSA including its officers, board members and sub-committees will not use credit or debit cards and strongly encourages checks.

2.    All reimbursements for SSA monies will require reimbursement forms be filled out and receipts attached to the reimbursement form. 

3.    SSA will have one treasurer for paying invoices and making deposits and one Vice President of Finance for record-keeping and auditing. SSA Vice President of Finance will not be a signatory on bank accounts. 

4.    SSA Treasurer, Co-Presidents and SSA Co-Vice Presidents will be signatories on bank accounts.  

5.    SSA Bank statements will be mailed to the school and given to the VP of Finance. Finance VP will review cash spent, check for irregularities including non-sequential check numbers, and perform bank reconciliation monthly between the bank statement and the financial records. The VP of Finance shall report to Board monthly. Any irregularities from committee chairs or Board Members will be a part of the Finance VP report and will be reconciled by the Executive Board as a whole.

6.    SSA Bank statements will be available at all SSA board meetings and general meetings as part of the Finance VP report.

7.    Cash deposited will follow a “cash received form” signed by both parties (collector and depositor) and will be maintained by the VP Finance. At events where the SSA collects cash, two individuals will count the cash at the close of the day and use a “cash received form”.

8.    The SSA will only use carbon copy checks for SSA Accounts.

9.    Individual SSA committee chairs shall keep spreadsheets and check records of their committee finances and reconcile with VP of Finance prior to deposits.  Checks and cash from events should be turned in to the SSA Treasurer weekly.

10. The SSA will use online banking with access for review by the Executive Board.

11. SSA financial records will be kept in internet-based software with access for review by the Executive Board. VP of Finance will maintain user access and be the only one with administrative access, and will maintain the Financial Records and Reports.


Contact Sara Freer, VP of Finance, and Sidni Weglarz, Treasurer