One Check!
In 2014-2015, the SSA introduced the One Check initiative and did away with the most time intensive and least effective fundraisers. (Families who have been at Spoede for a few years will remember the days when we had fundraisers and collections all year long — gift wrap sales, plant sales, classroom party dues, etc.) We respect the limited time parents have to give to the school. And while fundraising is necessary, we’d like for precious volunteer hours to be spent working directly with the students.
Our Goal...
In 2017-18, we intend to raise $15,000 by Sept. 18th!
How much should we give?
Good question. Every year, the SSA spends over $100 per student in the way of activities, events and teacher grants. Knowing this, we ask that you give what you can. (Also remember to check if your employer matches your contributions.)
Thank you in advance for helping to reach our fundraising goal!
Download the form and deliver your One Check! to the Spoede office. Or, pay through (If your new to MSB, go to the MSB tab and follow directions on how to add the SSA to your MSB account.)

Click HERE to download the SSA One Check! form


 The SSA Mission:
The Spoede School Association is here to build

a community that works to improve and enhance 

the educational environment at Spoede School.

Welcome to the SSA.